artbay tokyo

  • STARTFriday, December 1, 2023
  • ENDMonday, December 25, 2023
  • Lighting hours.17:00 - 21:00
  • ※The event may be canceled or changed due to inclement weather or future new coronavirus infections.
     Please check the status of the event here. link
  • Venue: Symbol Promenade Park,
    Central Plaza (1-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo) / Stone and Light Square (3-7 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
  • Organizer: Artbay Tokyo Executive Committee/ Co-organizer: Tokyo Waterfront Fukutoshin Group

Event Guide (PDF)

CONCEPT Two glittering artworks by the installation art group "MIRRORBOWLER," which creates spatial works of light and reflection, will Brighten up the winter Tokyo Waterfront City with light and sound. Based on the concept of "Winter Good Vibrations," the works express the liberation of people’s thoughts and feelings, and the connection and harmony among the city, people, and artworks in the Tokyo Waterfront City. Please enjoy the fantastic space created by the works of light, each with its own unique brilliance.

① PALACE OF PEACE / Central Plaza
The dome design, in which the profiles of people face each other, expresses "FACE TO FACE" and "dialogue and harmony.“ It is said that the human brain emits a weak electric current when thinking. If we can visualize that light, it will always be shining inside our heads. This glittering corridor of light also functions as a giant brain, constantly thinking. Please come inside and feel what it is thinking.
【Access】6 minutes walk from "Tokyo Teleport" station on the Rinkai Line or "Daiba" station on the Yurikamome Line toward Diver City Tokyo.

photo by peta photo studio ©︎mirrorbowler inc.2023

② TORUS DO NUT 1.0 / Stone and Light Square
It is said that the energy of all things circulates in a torus shape. A torus shape is a donut-like structure. For example, the earth's magnetic field, tornadoes, and plants that absorb moisture and nutrients through their roots and produce fruits and seeds can also be said to have torus structures. What I wanted to achieve with this work was to visualize how we ourselves become particles of circulating energy. People from completely different histories enter this work and exit the work, bathed in the same light and sound. Each of them is free to think about their feelings, moods, thoughts, etc., and they are also free to think nothing at all. I hope that this city will be colored with such unique particles of energy.
【Access】3 minutes walk from Rinkai Line Kokusai Tenjijo Station and Yurikamome Ariake Station toward Tokyo Big Sight.

photo by peta photo studio ©︎mirrorbowler inc.2023



【Work creator】



An installation group that creates spatial works of light and reflection. The group consists of a diverse group of members including graphic designers, photographers, lighting engineers, blacksmiths, and plant artists. They aim to create works that reach people's hearts beyond race, gender, generation, language, and religious beliefs, by enveloping the space with light filled with feelings of love and joy, and by cherishing the Japanese culture and nature, and the inspiration they derive from them. His activities range from various light events and illuminations to rock festivals and music video productions.

【Music creator】
①Central Plaza

ARTISTNaoshi Matsumura

Naoshi Matsumura

Started his music career at the dawn of Rave Party on the East Coast of the United States. Under the name DJ NaosisoaN, he has received high acclaim for his play style, which transcends genre boundaries and melts sounds in time and space, mainly focusing on Ambient Electronica. After returning to Japan, he joined the improvisational teepee session/ambient unit "utsuroi no matataki". He toured the country performing at festivals, parties, festivals, etc. In recent years, he has been based in Japan and France, focusing on collaborations with visual artists and sculptors, and providing music for video works. He also belongs to Onkan Therapy and is currently exploring the effects of sound waves on the mind and body. He creates sound sources for sound healing activities, meditation, and hypnotherapy using various instruments such as crystal bowls, tuning forks, synthesizers, and ethnic instruments.

②Stone and Light Square



As a composer, Takayuki Joe, a composer who creates rich and melodious songs that are close to our daily lives with the theme of “living with sound'', is active as a solo project “no.9''. No.9 song "Left the wind" was provided at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Opening Ceremony. Executive producer of music label Steve* Music. In parallel with artist activities such as CD releases, he mainly produces music for numerous advertisements such as TV commercials, web advertisements, movies, video works, and television programs, and works on sound design for public equipment. His main sound design work includes JAL domestic check-in terminals, office equipment, system sound development for welfare facilities, various medical equipment, sound production for public facilities, and content development for Sony's 360 Reality Audio.
He began composing music in the early 1990s, and in 2000 released a work that combines electronics and acoustics under the name no.9. He has released eight full-length albums, including his latest work "Switch of LIFE" in 2018, "The History of the Day" in 2013, "usual revolution and nine" (2008), and "Good morning" (2007). In addition, there is the famous compilation "MELLOW BEATS, FRIENDS & LOVERS" supervised by Toru Hashimoto, Square Enix's remix collection "Love SQ", Ryuichi Sakamoto's tribute work "-Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute-", and "FORMA 4.14" from PROGRESSIVE FOrM. He has also participated in numerous compilations such as ``my private space‘’ by Inpartment.

・no.9 orchestra: For the live performance, he formed a band set [no.9 orchestra] led by himself, and in addition to his own songs, he added physical musicality such as guitar, drums, violin, and piano to the band's original songs, creating a spectacular live performance reminiscent of a full orchestra. In 2014, they released their first band album [Breath in Silence]. link

[Original stickers will be given away!]
The first 600 people to fill out a survey at the event will receive a original sticker.
This event-limited sticker is designed with last year's work.
*Please note that the giveaway will end when all the stickers are gone.


This is a special art illumination presented by ARTBAY TOKYO to coincide with the period when the entire Odaiba area is decorated with light.
Through the experience of light art, we will bring you the charm of the Tokyo Waterfront City.