artbay tokyo

  • STARTOctober 29 (Fri), 2021
  • ENDNovember 14 (Sun), 2021
  • Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00
  • Sat, Sun, holidays 11:00-19:00
  • Entry: Free
  • *May change or be cancelled in the case of inclement weather

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CONCEPT “ARTBAY TOKYO” is a project that connects Tokyo Waterfront City with art. The limited-time pavilion ARTBAY HOUSE will close on November 14, 2021.
The project is ready for a new departure. The finale for ARTBAY HOUSE will be a decorated exhibition called “THROW THE RIBBONS.” The theme is “the future of Tokyo Waterfront City.” Wall art from Nobumasa Takahashi, installations from Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, and other dynamic works that utilize buildings will be on display.
The Moment of Departure
 Dancing Ribbons to Celebrate Embarkation
 Feelings of gratitude and future hopes within the heart to our cherished patrons.

We hope that you will grasp the other end of the ribbon.


[Past, Present, and Future Tokyo Waterfront City (Nobumasa Takahashi)]
In Tokyo Waterfront City, everything from Commodore Matthew C. Perry and Egawa Hidetatsu Tarozaemon to animals, aliens, and robots lining the city, and the familiar and the ephemeral of worlds past and present will be displayed on the walls. Take a look not just from afar, but up close and personal.

[Foam Garden (Yoshiaki Kaihatsu)]
Styrofoam is used as a buffer for electricity, and once a package is safely transported, it turns into mere garbage. Kaihatsu draws out new value from a mishmash of garbage that once had purpose, reconstructing the items with a renewed appeal. Once this exhibition is over, the building will immediately be demolished. By propagating the coexistence of the work within the building, garbage with lost functions and an event hall with a lost purpose will leave a final mark on the memory and connect to the future.

[Rain, Guidance (Yoshiaki Kaihatsu)]
This piece presents the elapse of raindrops falling down into the gutters and the slow rusting that takes place. The building, with its good ventilation and ambiguous layout of the interior and exterior has become the ideal environment for this installment that pulls nature into the artificial. With a feel-good foam installation with renewed construction and a structure that further emphasizes how rain sculpts its own path, Kaihatsu distinctly shows structures compatible with plants and imbued with meaning.

[Future Post Office ARTBAY HOUSE Branch]
An eccentric post office where letters are written and mailed but delivered after one year. Perhaps the near future can be imagined because we cannot see where the future will lead from the present. From your present, write to your friends, family, or yourself in the future.
 Mail kit: 200 yen (includes postage stamp)

To commemorate the event, the ARTBAY CAFÉ will offer “THROW THE RIBBONS” original drinks and baked sweets. Collaborative Nobumasa Takahashi drink cups will also be available during the exhibition period.

[Limited Postcard Gift]
Visitors who fill out a survey on their day of visit will be presented with an ARTBAY TOKYO x Nobumasa Takahashi Limited Postcard, a fun, original postcard that can be colored in.

ARTISTNobumasa Takahashi

©2010 Photo by Gohshi Hata

Nobumasa Takahashi is a globally-active artist based out of Tokyo and Onigashima. He realizes his distinctive worldview through line drawing and expressing themes of “Western” in Japan and “Japanese” abroad. From wall installations in art galleries and commercial facilities, to products and commercial design, Takahashi’s work has been presented in various genres. His work was featured at the Art Space Tokyo collaboration in the U.S. (2008), the Sydney Festival 2018 live performance at the Sydney Opera House (2018), the key visual at the Hyatt Centric Ginza, Tokyo (2018), and others. link

ARTISTYoshiaki Kaihatsu

Yoshiaki Kaihatsu continues to manifest his experiences into artwork through ordinary items, installations with motifs of incidents and interests, performances, etc., and playing with the theme of communication in memory and time. Moreover, he invites several people from the art world to the “Thank You Art Day”, an event which he has hosted annually on March 9 for 20 years since 2001. Since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, he has chaired the “Daylily Art Circus”, an event that gathers several artists and stretches to 150 hours for continuous proposals of what can be accomplished through art. link
Collaborator: ANOMALY

[Request to Visitors]
We request the following measures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • *Please wear a mask, and make sure to wash and sanitize your hands. In addition, please refrain from visiting in groups.
  • *Please refrain from visiting our facilities if you have cold symptoms such as a fever of 37.5°C or higher, a cough, or sneezing.
  • *Please note that the event may be cancelled or changed due to the spread of COVID-19.
  • *For the protection of the works, please refrain from bringing pets to the exhibition.