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Inclusion Appreciation Program - Tour for Invisible and Visible People Together
Inclusion Appreciation Program - Tour for Invisible and Visible People Together

CONCEPT Both blind and sighted people can participate in this art appreciation tour to think about "seeing" through dialogue.
Participants will view artworks exhibited at this event, as well as public artworks scattered throughout The Tokyo Waterfront City, and other artworks that stand out with a variety of presence in the cityscape as a whole. By bringing diverse perspectives together, participants will discover new ways to enjoy art that they would not be able to encounter on their own.

Date : September 23th, 2022

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Art appreciation workshop with the visually impaired

Art Appreciation Workshops with the Visually Impaired We plan and operate art appreciation programs at museums and schools nationwide on a monthly basis for people who can see and people who cannot see to think about "seeing" through words. With a staff of 12 (7 visually impaired and 5 sighted), activities began in 2012.
Recent major activities include an appreciation program at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, which has been ongoing since 2017, and the "Kikutabi Project Yokohama Museum of Art" produced with theater actor Masahiro Oishi (Mamagoto, Nylon 100°C) and others. The museum aims to create a place where everyone can casually and safely discuss the "experience of seeing" through online viewing programs.


CONCEPT We will create a place for free piano performances that anyone can play, which will be more various and colorful event by playing the piano. We will create an experience that goes beyond visual art through music.

REPORT A colorfully designed street piano was displayed on the third floor of Aqua City Odaiba crowded with many people including young people and families. The piano is the first of five pianos originally produced as part of Yamaha's "LovePiano®" project, which began in September 2017 with the wish to "make the piano more accessible and enjoyable." Passersby were intrigued by the design, which seemed to evoke cheerful music just by looking at it. The installation was a scene of pianos and people playing together, with confident piano players showing off their skills, children who are learning to play the piano trying out a practice piece, and children who were experiencing the piano for the first time fearlessly trying to make a sound.

Date : September 16th - 25th, 2022

Plaza in front of Air BicCamera, AQUA CITY ODAIBA 3F link


We want you to feel more familiar with the piano. And we want you to enjoy it more. The "LovePiano®" project, Yamaha's street piano that anyone can play freely, was launched in September 2017 with this in mind. So far, many people have been enjoying the piano in public transportation facilities and commercial facilities throughout Japan.
We hope you will experience the extraordinary experience of seeing colorful pianos in your usual town and usual places.


CONCEPT Starting from the Yamanote Line, JR East "TOKYO MOVING ROUND" is promoting various projects such as food, agriculture, and art with the aim of creating a spiritually rich urban living space.
In an attempt to revitalize the local community by connecting Tokyo and eastern Japan with AR art, the "TOKYO STATION AR ART PROJECT" was held at Tokyo Station in November 2020 will be revived in The Tokyo Waterfront City.
A lovely pop designs of Tohoku lucky charms such as Akabeko and Tanabata decorations will appear in the sky of Yumeno Ohashi bridge, creating a NEW SCALE landscape.
(Content designers:Takuma Nakata, Haruka Yamagishi/Content sponsor:East Japan Railway Company/Planning cooperation:KDDI、SoVeC)

REPORT AR art has appeared in the wide open sky of Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge, a program that allows visitors to experience augmented reality AR (augmented reality) art that combines real scenery and AR content by installing and launching the XR CHANNEL application and holding their smartphones up to the surrounding scenery. Lucky charms from eastern Japan such as "Akabeko," "Tanabata Festival decorations," and "Kokeshi dolls" appear in the scenery of the Tokyo Waterfront City and move around slowly and fluidly. This is an art experience that fuses the everyday scenery with the extraordinary AR art, turning the city space itself into a campus.

Date : September 16th - 25th, 2022

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The Yamanote Line, which plays a central role in Tokyo, is a ring line running above ground that is unique in the world. The Yamanote Line is one of the world's most popular train lines, and is constantly introducing cutting-edge technologies and services, such as the introduction of new rolling stock and the development of eco-commercial facilities.
Starting from the Yamanote Line, JR East is drawing out the various personalities along the line, connecting stations, towns, people, and their dots into lines and surfaces, and creating the "Tokyo Kando Line," a unique and spiritually rich urban living space where people can have fascinating encounters and moving experiences. link
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XR CHANNEL, jointly developed by KDDI Corporation and SoVeC Corporation, is a next-generation AR application that utilizes advanced technologies such as advanced VPS technology and high-quality 3DCG. In addition to digital signage and navigation, the application enables the display of realistic content such as advertisements, entertainment, art, and education in everyday spaces, and allows users to enjoy a new experience in which cityscapes and AR content work together and interact in space. link

Contents Designer

Takuma Nakata

Born in 1989 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. He moved to Brazil shortly after his birth due to his father's job transfer, and since then he grew up in Senegal, Japan, and Indonesia. While a student at Kyoto Seika University, he studied abroad in the Netherlands, where he was a member of BornDigital, a local media art group. In 2019, he was selected as a member of Adobe Creative Residency and resumed his activities as an artist. From 2020, he will be a member of BASSDRUM, a group of technical directors.

New Era
New Era

CONCEPT TOKYO BIG SIGHT's cooperative program. The Tokyo International Projection Mapping Awards (hereinafter referred to as "PM Awards"), established to discover students and young video creators, is held every November at TOKYO BIG SIGHT Entrance Plaza (plaza in front of the conference building) .
This year will be the 7th time. The opening and finale programs of ARTBAY TOKYO Art Festival 2022 will feature the award-winning works of PM Award Vol.6 created under the theme of "New Era" and special videos.
Official website of PM Award link
Introduction of Vol.6 works link

REPORT Projection mapping was the opening and finale of the art festival. The four works and special videos screened were the winners of the Grand Prize, two Excellence Awards, and the Jury's Special Award of the "Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award Vol. 6." The front of the conference building, which consists of two inverted triangles, is a huge screen measuring approximately 94 meters in width and 30 meters in height. The "Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award" is one of Japan's largest projection mapping contests for young spatial image creators, and the program was a great opportunity to enjoy the video works of young artists who are about to usher in a new era.

SYNAPSE -The Story of Connecting Cities-
SYNAPSE -The Story of Connecting Cities-

CONCEPT The concept of "ARTBAY TOKYO Art Festival 2022 " is "NEW SCALE". New ways of communication are becoming more important in our lives to live this new era and new lifestyles which requires new values.
In this special projection mapping, the entire Nomura's head office building will become a huge SYNAPSE, creating various expressions.
People represented as points of shining lights, create new communication and constantly linking while respecting diversity, various values, and future possibilities. It is a message that conveys the importance of "linking" people to people, people to city, and people to society.

REPORT This projection mapping work is created to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Nomura headquartered in Odaiba, Tokyo. The opening image, in which the dots are connected by lines of light, expresses the connection between "people and people," "people and the city," and "people and society. The entire building appears to be moving with the images as the graphics are projected onto the square window frames on the exterior walls. At the ending, colorful flowers bloom in profusion, and photos of employees and their families appear one after another, displaying the message "Your story begins here. After the main video, by scanning the QR code on the back of the admission ticket with a smartphone, 130 different illustrations of flowers related to the 130th anniversary appeared in 360°VR, providing a new visual experience linked to the projection mapping.

Date : September 16th - 25th, 2022

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Planning and Management

Nomura is a comprehensive producer company that plans, designs, constructs, and manages commercial facilities, hotels, corporate PR facilities, workplaces, expositions, museums, and other spaces. The group has nine offices nationwide and eight overseas, and operates through six group companies in Japan and abroad. 130 years after its founding in 1892, the group has leveraged its comprehensive capabilities to deliver "joy and excitement" to people by providing spatial value through a fusion of physical and virtual elements. In recent years, we have been promoting "social good activities" to create a happy impact through our business activities in order to realize a sustainable society.

Photo Rally「Meet the NEW SCALE」
Photo Rally「Meet the NEW SCALE」

REPORT The photo rally allowed visitors to participate in the event by touring the artworks at the venue, freely taking pictures of three of the nine target artworks and posting them on Instagram and Twitter. The targeted artworks included Leandro Erlich, Akinori Goto, ULTRA STUDIO, and Nobumasa Takahashi's artworks, as well as four of the 13 public artworks scattered throughout the Tokyo Waterfront City.
Visitors who toured and photographed the three artworks were presented with an original tote bag by showing the photo taken at the booth located at the entrance to Nomura's headquarters office. The tote bag featuring a large event logo was a pretty big size in keeping with the event's theme of "NEW SCALE. It can also hold large-size luggage. We saw many people carrying these tote bags at the event.
*You can see the photo rally's collection by searching "#artbayfes2022" on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo Rally「Meet the NEW SCALE」

Date : September 16th - 25th, 2022

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Heaven Artists Performance
Heaven Artists Performance

CONCEPT Dramatic art performances that can be seen, heard, and enjoyed, unfolding in the extraordinary space that has appeared in the Dream Plaza.
*The "Heaven Artist Project" aims to create opportunities for artists who have passed a screening process conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to experience art and culture by opening public and private facilities as venues for their activities.

REPORT On Sunday, September 25th, a live performance by Haven Artists was held at the "Dream Plaza," where ULTRA STUDIO's installation "Territory Gone Wild" was on display. Performing was "SunRise," a unit consisting of Kuriko Yokoyama (violin) and Hidemi Takemoto (viola). The duo who have known each other since childhood and have been performing on the street since elementary and junior high school enjoyed entertaining the audience with their well-matched performance.
Although the typhoon had been causing rainy weather, this day under a clear blue autumn sky, many visitors enjoyed the art and the live performance with their eyes, ears, and all five senses while sitting on the objects that were also part of the installation.


Born in Tokyo, Japan
Graduated from Waseda University, First Department of Literature

She studied dance from her childhood and discovered mime during her college years. After graduation, she studied physical theater and mime at DESMOND JONES SCHOOL OF MIME & PHYSICAL THEATRE.
With a dramatic style that incorporates elements of dance, theater, and puppetry into mime, he has performed at festivals, TV shows, commercials, and music videos in Japan and abroad.
Participated in the Ring Hotel production "CANDIES - girlish hardcore" tour in Europe and North America.
After the Japan Foundation funded "Dadao Tour" in Europe (2010), he has performed at many overseas festivals. She has toured children's theaters throughout Japan with works such as "Barbara Murata's Moulin Rouge Theater. Her solo work "Yorubenai Onnae Tachi" (Yorubenai Onnae Tachi), the event "Barbara Murata's Yorubenite" (Barbara Murata's Yorubenite Night), and the program "Barbara Murata's Yoruben R" are among the events she has led.
She is a Tokyo Metropolitan Government-certified Heaven Artist. link

Date : September 18th, 2022

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Kuriko Yokoyama plays violin and Hidemi Takemoto plays viola. The two childhood friends formed the duo "SunRise" in their childhood. In elementary and junior high school, they performed many street gigs as a violin duo. Later, they expanded their genre of music as a violin and viola duo and began full-fledged activities. Currently, they perform as Heaven Artists at events and parties in Tokyo. They also participate in TV dramas, movies, commercials, artists' concerts and recordings.

Kuriko Yokoyama
Graduated from Minnesota State University with a Bachelor of Music degree with special honors. She is currently a member of the Tokyo Sinfonia and the Professional's Orchestra, and teaches violin at four different schools in Tokyo. She aims to create music that transcends the boundaries of genres such as classical, pops, and jazz.

Hidemi Takemoto
After graduating from the Tokyo College of Music, Hidemi Takemoto completed his master's degree and professional study diploma at the Mannes College of Music in New York. She has performed at PMF and Viola Space. She has performed with orchestras and in numerous chamber music series. link

Date : September 24th and 25th, 2022

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